Video link to the Altoona High School Demolition!

Whether your demolition job is interior or exterior, partial or complete, home or commercial – G&R Excavation & Demolition will get it done affordably and quickly. No job is too big or too small.

Better yet, we’re able to recycle lumber, fixtures, trim, windows and doors, and much more, all while reducing your bill.

Our experienced staff has as much as 39 years experience in this business – why would you go anywhere else?


We can handle any scope and size of interior projects, from removing drywall to gutting entire structures. Common projects include removal of:

We cordon off our work area, putting in plastic and ventilation systems to control dust and debris, minimizing the impact on the rest of the structure. When the job’s done, we are careful to leave things as neat and orderly as possible.

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We can take a structure down to the bare studs, or remove just a portion of it. Common jobs include demolition of:

We have our own lifts, backhoes, and excavators, and have access to other equipment as needed.


No matter the size of your project, you’re our most important customer. We are fully insured, and are committed to completing your project in an affordable, convenient manner. We offer:


Our demolition services can include partial or complete removal of a structure and its contents. We recycle everything we can through reuse, resale or donation to charity, such as: