Our services extend below the ground, and we can even handle the permitting if you’d prefer. We provide excavation for any size commercial and residential excavation project, including but not limited to:

Finally, we’ll provide the topsoil, slate or stone needed to finish your job right.


We deliver and spread topsoil to improve soil quality after an excavation job, helping your grass or landscaping grow beautifully. Our topsoil is carefully screened using a special machine, which removes rocks and plant material to ensure cleaner, higher quality topsoil.


Clean Fill

Our clean fill consists of stone, shale, and other stone-related products, and is used to fill voids left from excavating. This environmentally safe material stabilizes the area so that it can be covered with topsoil.

Clean Fill Disposal Services

Unsure of what to do with clean fill created by your demolition job? G&R Excavating can help with that, too. We cooperate with other companies and contractors to ensure we know which construction sites need clean fill, and have a place to store excess fill until it’s needed.

It’s just one more way we work to keep your job high-quality and affordable.

Slate and Slate Delivery

Slate is a cost-effective base layer that’s often used in construction of driveways or any project that requires fill material. G&R crushes large pieces of this rock to the correct size before using it for your project – as much or as little as needed.

Stone Delivery

We deliver any kind of stone needed for your project – from fieldstone to all different forms of shale. Once delivered, we’ll spread and pack the stone as needed.

Underground Utility Installation and Maintenance

We are capable of installing and maintaining underground utilities such as water and sewer lines for residential and commercial use. Services include:

  • Tapping into city lines
  • Addressing breaks in terracotta pipes
  • Removing old lines
  • Installing new lines
  • Emergency service

As always, we will evaluate your job with an on-site visit and provide you with a free estimate.